Daily Notice for Monday 25 February 2019

School Community Information
7:00 AM
Weights Room Open Every Lunch
The weights room is open every lunch time to all students. Please only attend if you plan to train. There will be supervision and guidance from personal trainers and strength & conditioning coaches.
(Mr A Finch)
7:00 AM
Swimming Pool Open Monday Lunch
The pool will be open at lunch time on Monday for any student wishing to do some preparation for the carnival on Tuesday.
(Mr A Finch)
7:30 AM
Swimming Carnival
Details on tomorrows swimming carnival will be sent to all students on email today. The bus schedule and swim program will be loaded on to Skoolbag. Please arrive at the pool using the back entrance to the pool (nead the hall). Attendance will be taken at your house area in the grand stand between 8:50 - 9:00am. Regardless of your participation, your attendance and support for your house is expected.
(Mr A Finch)

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